6 Ways Lady Diana Broke Protocol And Redefined How The People Viewed The Royal Family

6 Ways Lady Diana Broke Protocol And Redefined How The People Viewed The Royal Family

Princess Diana was a bold and fearless beauty. She broke rules and created her own breaking stereotypes and stigmas.

Diana Spencer hailed from an aristocratic family. She married Prince Charles at the age of 20 in a grand wedding that was watched by approximately 750 million people around the world. The shy Princess immediately caught the attention of people not just because she became royalty but also because of her different choices. Princess Diana always stood out because of her independent, unconventional and bold decisions. She was fearless and defined her own life even while being restricted by the royal regulations and protocol. Here are a few times when the Princess shocked the world by her distinct choices.

1. She picked her own ring


Getting married into royalty means the chance to get your favorite engagement ring made. However, Princess Diana did not choose to go with any custom-made rings. According to People, Diana selected her ring out of a catalog. She chose a stunning ring from the jeweler Garrard’s catalog. The ring made of 14 solitaire diamonds around a 12-carat sapphire set in white gold was later gifted to Duchess Kate Middleton by Prince William at the time of their engagement.

2. She was not afraid to speak her mind

Diana spoke her heart and never restricted herself from expressing her opinions and feelings. She was so open to journalists that in 1995, she confessed the difficulties she faced in her marriage in an interview with the BBC's Martin Bashir. According to Popsugar, the People's Princess was not afraid to let the world know of her own infidelity and the affairs of her husband Prince Charles with  Camilla Parker-Bowles. "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded," said Diana to the press. She also opened about her struggles with bulimia.

3. She was accessible to regular people


Throughout her life, Diana was known for her ability to connect to people directly. Her title never stood in the way of her humanitarian works and her love for people. According to the Cheat Sheet, she took the time to connect with adults and children alike. At the height of the AIDS epidemic, the bold Princess broke boundaries again. She shook hands with an AIDS patient in London and broke the stigma that surrounded the disease, according to People. 

4. She made bold clothing choices


Unlike the queen and other members of the royal family, Diana was not seen much with hats and gloves. As a person who loved to hold hands and connect to people, she dropped the idea of wearing gloves. "She also stopped wearing hats because she said, ‘You can’t cuddle a child in a hat,'" said Eleri Lynn, the curator of an exhibit on Diana’s style to People. The Princess also made some bold dress choices. In 1994, she turned heads with her sexy black dress. But none of her choices made her look less than a Princess, she was beautiful, elegant and had a style of her own.

5. She raised her children differently


While royal babies were often looked after by nannies, Diana was a hands-on mum. Her sons were her top priority. According to People, the Princess and Prince Charles took the nine-year-old William on an official trip to Australia. Unlike other royal kids, her babies were sent to public schools and also enjoyed regular things such as trips to the park, enjoying hamburgers at McDonald's.  She wanted to ensure that her boys had a normal childhood.

6. She gave birth in a hospital


Up until then, the female members of the royal family usually delivered their babies at home. However, Princess Diana changed the royal traditions and opted to give birth in a hospital. According to People, the appearance outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital after the birth of royal children kind of became a tradition after Diana. The Princess and her husband Prince Charles introduced their sons to the world on the steps of the hospital wing. The tradition was later carried on by her sons Prince William and Harry.

The Princess who said, "I am following my heart, not my head," truly changed the face of royalty. Her bold life made her closer to the public such that even after her death, she still dwells in the hearts of people.