6 Things That Only Those Who Love The Sea And The Beautiful Waves Can Understand

6 Things That Only Those Who Love The Sea And The Beautiful Waves Can Understand

If you love the infinite ocean and the endless waves, you are a soul that isn't impressed by the chatter of the world.

Are you are one of those who love the infinite ocean and can spend hours on the beach? Most people are part of the race who cannot sit still or take in the magnificent beauty of the ocean. If you find yourself drawn to the deep waters, you carry a special trait that resonates deeply with the endless sea.


Here are six things that you relate to at a soul level.

1. You let your heart lead rather than your head

Source: Pexels | Photo by Emiliano Arano


The sea is mighty, ferocious, and fierce at times, but it also the nourishing home for millions of living creatures. Much like the sea, you are organic and fluid. Your free-spirit refuses to be tied down by rules, norms, or tradition. Despite all the heartbreaks you may have gone through, you still allow your heart to make most of your life decisions. You cannot and will not become strategic or manipulative when it comes to dealing with people because you value human connection over other forms of success.

2. You appreciate raw beauty and don't care to fit into molds

Source: Pixabay | Photo by Jieun Lee


Your idea of beauty is pure and untainted by modern stereotypes. You appreciate the simple joys of life and find a reason to smile when you watch a little child play or an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand. You don't care to follow trends or fashion and refuse to judge people based on superficial things. You appreciate imperfections and acknowledge that as humans, we can be strong at times but we also become soft and vulnerable in some moments, much like water.

3. You believe music, arts, and nature can heal humankind

A sea-lover has a lifelong affair with nature. The outdoors, the woods, the open sky, a starlit night call out to your heart much more than the busy chatter of the city life. You are also likely to believe that music can speak to the soul and heal you in ways that can't be put into words. You are often drawn to art and enjoy creating things with your hands. Whether it be painting, gardening, knitting, or baking, you enjoy the process of creation with childlike delight. Monotonous tasks tend to drain you although you might be good at them.  You are also likely to have a strong connection with the cycles of the moon.

4. You detest fake people and hypocrisy

Source: Pixabay

There is something about the waves and the way they crash on the shore endlessly that speaks to your soul. You find yourself relaxing at their sight and allow the sound of the waves and the breeze to ground you. There is something real and raw when you connect with nature. This is exactly why you cannot tolerate the lies and manipulations of fake people. Nothing irks you more than a hypocrite.

5. You value solitude and personal values more than fitting in

The endless sea reminds you that while most people see only the movement of the waves on the surface, and the real depth of the ocean or a person can only be known by those who are ready to go beyond the surface. This is why you enjoy your own company and don't try hard to fit into circles. And, you know the difference between being lonely and being alone. Solitude allows you to connect with yourself.

6. You value freedom and authenticity 

Source: Pixabay | Photo by Neri Vill


There is nothing that matters to you more than being true to yourself. While you value human relationships, you have learned that people may change or give up on you. This insight makes you value your authenticity over false promises. You would rather be alone than with people who play games or pretend to be something they are not. It is hard for people to put you in a box. Much like the fierce sea, you may appear soft and gentle at times but come across as spearheaded and untamable at other. And you like that you don't fall into any stereotypes. This keeps you connected with your true essence.

Most importantly, you are a survivor who has seen the tides of life rise and fall at different stages of your life. You know there is a time to be calm and allow life to guide you, and there is a time to become fierce, especially when it comes to protecting your loved ones. You will always remain a seeker for life.