6 Things Only Those Who Believe in Prayers Will Understand

6 Things Only Those Who Believe in Prayers Will Understand

Those who have faith know that when they have tried everything and have nowhere else to go, He will be there for them

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With so much of hate and pain in the world, it can be difficult to believe that the Almighty is actually there to help us. But for those like you who pray every day, you know that He is there, watching over you. You have faith that He has a reason for doing what He does and that when it truly counts, He gives you the strength to get through hard times. And you know that only those who pray with truth in their heart understand and believe in these six statements:

1. You know there is a power above that is wise and kind

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Yes, it can be easy to fall into the trap that He is mean because He doesn't help those who need it. But you know that He is actually wise and kind. The tests He puts people through are meant to reveal their true strength and only they can decide the path they choose to be on. You know that His wisdom is what helps you make the right choices. 

2. You believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching

Doing the right thing isn't mean to be for show. He put you on this Earth because he has his own faith that you will be a good and kind person. So even if there's no one around, you know that being honest and taking the righteous path is important. No one may be watching you, but He is. 


3. Even when things are difficult, you believe faith will guide you to a better place

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You must've have gone through so many difficulties and obstacles that you sometimes wished you could have run away from it. But the one thing keeping you from doing so is because you know that faith will guide to the right path and help you out of the storm you might be facing... just like it has done so in the past.

4. People mistake your kindness as being naive but you still wish well for others

Being kind doesn't cost anything and you know it. You're always willing to help those in need and this can sometimes cause others to think that you're naive and ignorant. But He put his faith in you to remain kind in the face of adversity. So you still wish well for even your enemies because they're human and the children of God, just like you.

5. Even though you have doubts, you believe that God knows better

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It's human to have doubts and that's okay. Sometimes, you might catch yourself questioning if He's there but then you remember that He knows better. He is watching over all of us and he has his reasons.


6. You have received signs and messages that have guided you when you needed answers

There were moments of severe distress when you did not know what to do and it scared you. It was in those moments that you were reassured that He was by your side through the little signs and messages He sent. Whether it was a note in the right place or the kindness of someone else, you knew He was there for you and it settled your heart.

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