6 Reasons Why Women Walk Away From Relationships Even If They Love The Man

6 Reasons Why Women Walk Away From Relationships Even If They Love The Man

Relationships are complex but a partner in denial can make it even worse.

Relationships and love are tricky matters to deal with irrespective of how experienced a person is. Sometimes, despite being in love, a woman is forced to break away from the relationship. Here are some common reasons why you had no choice but to break away from your partner. 

1. Your partner compares you to other women from his past 

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Your partner is so stuck up in the past that he feels the need to compare you to his past girlfriends. Though you explained your discomfort in being part of such comparisons, your partner seems unfazed by how much it's affecting your emotional and mental state. This repeated analysis by your partner forced you to move away from him though you are still deeply in love with him. 

2. Your partner is always trying to fix you 

Instead of accepting you for who you are, your partner is always pointing out your flaws and coming up with solutions to combat them. It has gone too far that you are left feeling like a project he is handling. While you are ready to make small changes, you feel that your partner is not content. It feels like he just wants to alter every ounce of your personality into something that is more convenient for him. 

3. Your partner is threatened by your success

You expected your partner to be happy and join you in your success. However, your expectations were shattered. He keeps trying to stand in your way and often discourages you from conquering new territories. His actions and words do not show appreciation for your hard work but it reflects his ego and disapproval of seeing you go any further. 

4. Your partner feels like you are emotionally dependent on him

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While your partner is perfectly happy to be with you during your joyous times, he prefers to on flight mode when it comes to your hard times. Rather than empathizing with your troubles and concerns, your partner calls you clingy and emotionally overdependent. Neither does he want to listen to your issues nor does he want to sit by your side during your hard days. 

5. Your partner makes you suppress your concerns

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You are a person who likes to communicate and sort out the issues in your relationship. However, your partner never takes responsibility for his actions. He constantly runs away from talking and moves on as if there was never a  disagreement. Though you suppressed your need to talk for a while, you are so bothered by the problems that you can no longer put on a smile in front of him. 

6. Your partner does not want to be intimate

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Intimacy is an essential part of a relationship. But your partner does not show any interest in building that aspect of your relationship. Though you are taking efforts to spice up your sexual connection, your partner pays no attention. It has left you feeling unloved and unwanted.

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