6 Reasons You Are A Strong Woman Who Has Survived The Most Painful And Challenging Storms In Life

6 Reasons You Are A Strong Woman Who Has Survived The Most Painful And Challenging Storms In Life

A strong woman is like gold. She has gone through so much to shine the way she does. She is fearless and bold and takes life with a pinch of salt.

When life takes you through some unexpected events, you develop the strength to brave through anything whether it might cause you heartbreaking pain or not. Your experiences have made you stronger and sharper that you no longer fear the challenges that come your way. You are now a motivation to the women around you, your stories encourage them to follow your footsteps. Here are a few traits that make you an admirable strong woman:

1. You tell the truth no matter what

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You cannot sugarcoat the harsh truths of life. You know it would not help anyone. Since your intentions for everybody are good, you believe it is important for them to face reality. You help your loved ones with brutally honest comments. You guide them and inspire them to make the right choices.

2. You are not hungry for attention

Your self-respect and dignity are more important to you than anything in the world. You will not give it up for pretty faces or materialistic gains. If you think a person cannot respect you, you will not wait around or give them more chances to look down on you. Your past experiences have taught you that your values are not worth sacrificing.

3. You are not afraid to show your emotions

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There was a time where you feared showing your vulnerable side to the people around you. You wanted others to see your charming smile and glowing face. But as you matured, you realized we are all humans and it is absolutely ok to display your emotions. Showing them does not mean you are weak nor does it show you have no self-control. You know you are capable of picking yourself up.

4. You believe in yourself

The world might be looking down at you. They might have discouraged you but you are not a person who gives up quickly. Having understood your own strengths and weakness, you are aware of your limits. You don't need another person to rate your ability. When you decide on doing something, you are 101 percent confident in doing it.

5. Your pain has made you a warrior

You are always ready to face the fall. You are not going to cry and waste your time. But you are a brave and strong woman who will handle it the right way. You also make sure that you learn from your mistakes. You carry those lessons forward in life and shape your future decisions based on it.

6. You can forgive easily

You are a loving soul who knows humans are capable of making mistakes. So, there is no place for negativity in your life. You forgive the ones who have wronged you and you move forward without hating the person who committed it to you. Having made mistakes in the past, you believe it is a step to improve in life.

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