AFTER Doctors Told Her It Was Menopause, 50-YO Lady With 2 Grandkids Finds Out She's Miraculously Pregnant!

AFTER Doctors Told Her It Was Menopause, 50-YO Lady With 2 Grandkids Finds Out She's Miraculously Pregnant!

Finding out that she was pregnant shocked her as well as her doctor. They thought her chances of getting pregnant were almost zero.

She thought she was in the phase of life every woman in her late 40s would be familiar with — menopause. And given her age, Michele Hall did not think much of it. Especially after not one, but two doctors had told Michele that her body was going through menopause. Though little did she expect what came next. The 50-year-old mother of four and grandma to two beautiful children found out she was pregnant! 

As shocking as the news might have been, it was nothing short of absolute joy for Michele and her husband Jerry Hall, 47. And though she was told she was approaching menopause about a year earlier, the mother of four received the miracle news when a gut feeling pushed her to take a pregnancy test, according to People.

"Everyone was in shock," Michele said when speaking about the news. “Definitely in shock,” agreed her husband, Jerry. Their teenage daughter, Aubrey, who still lives with them, also said, "So in shock."

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It was even more unexpected because Michele's doctor told her she was in menopause with the help of a blood test, and it was highly unlikely for her to get pregnant. To add to that, she didn't have any particular signs that indicated a pregnancy. There was no morning sickness and no weight gain. What she did feel though were body aches and pains, but she thought those were effects of menopause or lupus, which is a disease she's been dealing with for over a decade.

Eventually, she realized that maybe these signs could be because of something else, and her intuition prompted her to take a pregnancy test. Finally, on the 8th of October, 2018, 26 weeks into her pregnancy, she found out she had conceived.

She was completely in disbelief when she saw the positive sign on her pregnancy test, and her husband, Jerry was just as surprised. They wondered how they could raise a child at this stage, as she was 50 and he was 47, according to Naples Daily News. The couple has four kids together, three adult children and one 14-year-old daughter. However, there was no doubt about it, they were sure they were keeping the baby.

For Michele and Jerry, the birth of the baby boy was truly a blessing. But things became quite complicated because after having found out about the pregnancy over six months too late, the couple was only left with 2 months to prepare for the arrival. They needed to get themselves ready to welcome a baby into the house in the short time left. It also meant that they had to put their plans on hold. They had decided that once Aubrey leaves the house after high school, Michele and Jerry would start traveling and were even thinking about a cruise. “But we have to put the brakes on that and start over again,” she adds.

Now in hindsight, Michele realizes that even though she didn't have a period for more than a year (which is a sign of menopause), she understood that it was the pregnancy that caused most of that. It used to puzzle her when she saw or heard stories about women who didn't know they were pregnant. She said, “I used to call bull on that until it happened to me." But that was until she had a similar experience of her own.

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Another thing that she was worried about was the complications that could arise because of her age. Dr. Thomas Beckett, Michele's OB-GYN, mentioned that over 3 decades of practice, Michele was his oldest patient. But none of them lost hope. "He'll be here by the grace of God,” said Michele.

As the days passed by, both Michele and Jerry could finally breathe a sigh of relief. On the 27th of December, 2018 baby Grayson was born at the NCH North Naples Hospital. Since Michele wasn't sure of when her baby was conceived, the doctors guessed that he may be roughly 37 weeks old. But after what was considered a high-risk cesarean delivery, they found out that the baby was about 34 or 35 weeks old.

While Grayson was mostly healthy with no severe complications, he spent 12 days in the intensive care unit, and as they kept a check on him, the doctors noticed that he had a slower heart rate, sleep apnea, and a few respiratory problems.


But the parents were extremely happy when they were able to take him home in January. After a few unsettling weeks, now they're absolutely happy to have the little one in their lives. "He sleeps like a log," said Michele. While she's happy to be a mother to a newborn in her life, she is sure that Grayson will be the last one of the brood. She said, "I'm 100 percent sure I'm not having any more kids. He's a blessing."