5 Toxic Habits Common Among People Who Always Feel Unhappy

5 Toxic Habits Common Among People Who Always Feel Unhappy

Often our own habits become a hinderance to our happiness.

Life is unpredictable and sorrow is a part of it. We all strive for happiness and contentment but sometimes our habits themselves come in the way. Here are 7 toxic habits that are often found amongst unhappy people. 

1. Chronic Complaining

The reality of life is that everyone goes through disappointments but some people just can't let go. Instead of seeking solutions chronic complainers often get stuck in a cycle that never ends. Grieving is a personal process but spending most of your time complaining and going over things that are negative will only add to your unhappiness. 

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2. Being Critical Of Others And Self 

How we talk of ourselves often dictates how others see us. By tarnishing our image we lessen the respect another might have. Self-criticism which may be a coping mechanism for many ends up making things a lot worse. Being overly critical of others only pushes them away further. There is a clear difference between 'constructive criticism' and just being plain mean, a fact many tend to overlook. 

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3. Clinging To The Past

Often when things are hard, clinging to the past may seem like a safe and comforting option. However, the past is the past for a reason. In trying to desperately hold on to the past, one may end up wasting their present and their future. The potential for better things, newer people, and amazing experiences are compromised when one cannot move on from their previous life. This leads to a constant cycle of unhappiness because the person refuses to see what good is happening around them and the potential the future holds. 

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4. Holding Grudges 

As discussed above, holding on to the past leads to a neverending cycle of disappointments. Holding grudges are similar but a lot worse. Not only is the individual disturbed by what someone has done to them, but it also seems like they are stuck in time while the other person has moved on from the event. What most don't realize is that they are only punishing themselves by holding a grudge. 

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5. Gossiping 

Gossiping is often associated with those who are insecure or have nothing better to do. In the end, why would a happy, confident person engage in something that is of no benefit? They simply wouldn’t. Gossiping will not help one in advancing their own life or finding happiness. Any contentment found in it is temporary and problematic, it still shows that the problem lies in the individual who spends a lot more time finding out what someone else is up to instead of focusing on their own life. 

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