5 Reasons to Stop Criticizing Yourself for What You Are Not & Love Yourself for What You Are

5 Reasons to Stop Criticizing Yourself for What You Are Not & Love Yourself for What You Are

You have seen a lot and been through a lot. It is high time, you recognized your worth and applauded yourself.

“Stand up straight and realize who you are. That you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight.” - Maya Angelou.

Life has not been easy for you. You have braved through heartbreaks, anxiety, criticisms, and judgments to reach where you are today. But every negative situation has left a mark on your soul. You hold on to so many things from the past that you don't see the winner in you. It is time you erased all the marks that don't allow your bright self to shine. It is only you who can heal yourself and that starts with acceptance and gratitude for yourself.

Here are 5 reasons for you to love who you are and leave all negativity behind.

1. Only you know how much you have gone through in life

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Life has tested you repeatedly from a very young age. You have probably gone through bullying at school to some of the most damaging heartbreaks later in life. But all of those situations and how you handled them, have made you what you are today. People don't see the pathos in your eyes, you do not let your struggles dim down your smile. Therefore, you should love the warrior in you and be kind to her.

2. Your childhood was not easy so you learned to depend on no one but yourself

As a child, we tend to turn towards our parents and guardians for support and love. But you know, that it is a privilege that is not granted to many. Therefore, you learned to help yourself. You praised yourself for singing that song on stage at a school fest and also wiped your own tears when your achievements went unnoticed. You waited for your parents to pick you up when you felt blue but at last, ended up stroking your own back. Today, you have become your best supporter, cherish that!

3. The voices you hear in your head belong to those around you

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You probably longed for sweet words to make you feel good when you were a child but you got none. Later, when you fought through tough circumstances and forged an opinion of your own, you were called names. You were criticized for being who you were through all stages of life. So these ghosts of the past still haunt you. Every time you think that you are not worthy of having what you want, your mind reflects the voices of the people around you. Overcome these voices and recognize your worth, you are not these voices, you are what you know yourself to be!

4. You long for validation from people who don't appreciate you

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The judgments and criticism have left you empty inside. The locus of your identity is exterior to you and you focus on what others have to say to you. Your mind is conditioned to believe what they say about you. More often than not, they do not have positive things to say which pushes you to dislike yourself. But it is important to realize that you don't need others to validate you because it is you who has conquered the tough times and strong women like you do not need external validation.

5. Others will not see your truth until you see it yourself

All these years you have been true to yourself and now when it is time to reward yourself for that you cannot abandon your own self and depend on people who do not see your worth. Every time someone tries to rip you off of your truth, you need to stand up and remind yourself that you are as worthy as anyone else. As you keep reminding yourself about your truth and your mettle, others will start seeing you for what you are.

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