4YO's Tumor Shrunk By Two-Thirds After Being Treated With Cannabis Oil Even Though Doctors Claimed She Won't Make It

4YO's Tumor Shrunk By Two-Thirds After Being Treated With Cannabis Oil Even Though Doctors Claimed She Won't Make It

Doctors told William's parents that he was dying of a brain tumor. But his treatment with cannabis oil gave him a rebirth and shrunk his tumor.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to know that your dear one is dying of a deadly disease. All you can think about in such a painful situation is to try and cure the person through whichever means possible. This was exactly the thought that went through the mind of Steve and Hilary when they came to know that their little son was dying of a brain tumor. The determined parents were not ready to accept their son's fate. They wanted the boy to live.


According to Metro, four-year-old William Frost was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. His parents were told that the boy did not have many days ahead of him. In an attempt to cure their son, the family treated William with cannabis oil that is devoid of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical which produces the ‘high'. To their surprise, his tumor shrunk and the boy who recovered even went back to school. It was late 2013 when William showed signs of his disease. His father Steve recalled how their young son became sick suddenly. "In late 2013, we started noticing William’s head tilting to the right-hand side – no one had ever seen anything like it before. His balance was off, and he started vomiting randomly – so we took him to the GP," said the father to Metro.


The concerned parents who took their child to the hospital were shattered when they came to know he was suffering from a brain tumor. "After a few days, they realized something was quite seriously wrong and did an MRI scan – that’s when they discovered a tumor the size of a golf ball," said Steve. The young boy was subjected to chemotherapy and surgery, however, their doctors informed them that there was no hope in 2016. His parents who were not ready to give up on their son was willing to try anything if it could heal their son. "We couldn’t bear to accept there were no more options for William. We were desperate and willing to try anything – when we read the research on cannabis and tumors it gave us hope," said Steve.


Having heard about cannabis oil and its healing properties, they found a private clinic that was ready to prescribe cannabidiol (CBD). Though it was expensive, Steve and Hilary wanted the best for their son and his health. "It cost us £2,000 for a nine-month supply, but we wanted to make sure we were giving William the best quality stuff – we gave it to him diluted in water," said Steve. In a matter of a few months, the family witnessed a huge difference. The tumor shrunk by two-thirds and the young boy was returned to school. "Increasingly families are using CBD, often at great expense, presently there is no evidence that it might be of benefit or even what dose to use or how often. It is therefore very important to obtain objective scientific evidence of whether CBD is active against children’s brain tumor cell lines,” said Richard Grundy, consultant of William to Metro.


Parents who witnessed the change in their son are now supporting a research program at Nottingham’s Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, at the University of Nottingham that is looking into cannabidiol and its ability to reduce pediatric brain cancer cells. Richard Grundy who is also the lead researcher of the program said, "Brain tumors are the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK but the disease receives less than one percent of the UK’s cancer research funding.


This is not the first time, incidents like this are being reported. Lynn Cameron who was only given six to 18 months to live was able to survive with the help of cannabis oil. The woman who was diagnosed with an incurable form of brain tumor was fully recovered after using cannabis oil for four years. "I started taking cannabis oil under my tongue, as it gets straight into the bloodstream that way. Each scan I received after that was showing an improvement. I had been told that chemotherapy and radiotherapy don’t make much difference, so I knew it must be the cannabis doing it. By the sixth MRI, cancer had gone," said Lynn Cameron to Independent. With incidents like this, the need to study is the properties of cannabis is becoming a necessity.