3-Year-Old Dies And Neglectful Mother Gets Charged With Manslaughter

3-Year-Old Dies And Neglectful Mother Gets Charged With Manslaughter

The couple was charged with mansluaghter. They were later released on bail.

One little girl from Australia lost her life after the adults who were supposed to be her caretakers forgot about her. According to The Sun, 3-year-old Rylee Rose Black died in a hot car after her mother, Laura Black, and partner, Aaron Hill left her in their vehicle for about five hours on 27 November 2020. 

In a statement released by Queensland Police, they stated that the incident came to light after the child was taken to the hospital by the couple. "Police were notified at around 3.30 pm this afternoon when a 37-year-old Burdell woman and 29-year-old Burdell man took the girl to the Townsville University Hospital," said the authorities. They added, "Preliminary investigations indicate the young child was left inside a locked vehicle for most of the day."


Upon investigation, the officials discovered that the incident occurred after Rylee dozed off in her booster seat on the ride to drop off her siblings at school. On the way back, Laura and Aaron got into an argument and completely forgot about the child in the backseat.

After returning home, they locked the vehicle and watched a television series without bothering to think of the toddler even once. Meanwhile, Rylee could not survive the prolonged heat exposure. 


The couple only realized Rylee was left behind on their way back to pick the other children from school. By then, it was too late. “They turned around and saw the victim child’s head slumped over … removed her from her booster seat to attempt CPR,” said police prosecutor Tasman Murphy, according to Kidspot

Townsville Child Protection and Investigation Unit Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Miles said that the incident was a "very preventable and an unfortunate tragedy." He added, "Cars heat up very quickly, and the human body is susceptible to dramatic changes in temperature." 


"The best advice that we can give is do not leave children or pets in motor vehicles when they are stationary, with no ventilation, no air conditioning, particularly in the tropics," he continued. 

The couple was arrested and charged with manslaughter. "The charge manslaughter indicates that there's been negligence on the part of people responsible for this child's health and wellbeing," said the authorities. 


They were later granted bail after a hearing before the Townsville Magistrates Court. However, the police had opposed their bail. They are expected to appear in court for another hearing on 23 February 2021. 

Meanwhile, the death of Rylee has caused a lot of pain. A GoFund Me page started to support her devastated dad stated, "Dear little Rylee Rose grew her angel wings on Friday 27th November 2020. She leaves behind her loving, devoted and devastated father Pete and her three older sisters." It further stated, "No one should experience a loss like this," according to Yahoo News