23-Year-Old Woman Who Lost 190 Pounds Shares Her Weight Loss Story: "A Journey Takes Time"

23-Year-Old Woman Who Lost 190 Pounds Shares Her Weight Loss Story: "A Journey Takes Time"

MC Solomon, 23, from Dallas, Texas, first decided to change her lifestyle back in January 2017.

Everyone's weight journey is different. Sometimes you want to lose weight to fit into your old clothes. Sometimes it's a necessary step when it comes to your own health. Sometimes you might be recovering from food addiction. Whatever the reason, you get to decide what you want to do with your lifestyle. For MC Solomon, she decided to make the change back in 2017. The 23-year-old has been on quite a journey that she's documented on her blog and hopes to inspire others who are on a similar path.



As a child, MC Solomon was sent to a fat camp to help lose weight but it always backfired as the youngster often gained the weight back, she said, according to Good Morning America. For many years Solomon struggled until one day she decided it was time to figure out how she wanted to live her life.  After months of doctor appointments and therapy, the aspiring singer opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery on March 29, 2017. But Solomon revealed that she had a complication and almost died as a result. She said she had a massive blood clot, (the size of a deflated football) in her abdomen walls next to her heart and lungs. But fortunately, the doctor saw it, and took it out just in time.



According to The Daily Mail, five weeks after her first surgery Solomon weighed 38 pounds lighter. She was given the go-ahead to begin an exercise program and eat solid food. For the first few months, she was advised to go on a soft food diet. Later Solomon also had to get removal surgery for the loose skin from weight loss. But what was most important after the surgery was not just physical, but mental as well. Solomon had to come to terms with a food addiction, that was so severe, she would sometimes ‘ball' her eyes out because she couldn't 'eat what everyone else eats’. She also warned others that surgery is not the only option to consider. She shared, "Yes, I was LUCKY enough to have surgery, yes they shrunk my stomach, and yes it has been such an amazing tool to help me, BUT I am ultimately the one that has lost the weight. I choose what goes in my body, and how hard I work out," she explained.



In one Instagram post, she wrote of "one of the most challenging things I have noticed is the body dysmorphia that has come about since surgery. I had dedicated the last 4 years of my life to better myself, and the most important last step to close the chapter in my book was having my “bulbous-belly” cut off. Not for looks, but for the sheer fact that I couldn’t do a jumping jack without hearing my belly slap my legs. I was unable to buckle my seat belt in a car without still having the feeling that I did when I started the journey. My stomach was holding me back. Since I have swelled my belly looks and feels almost bigger than it had prior to surgery and it made me bummed. What I have realized today is, again, this chapter is just another in my book- and like the rest of the four years- IT TAKES TIME. A JOURNEY TAKES TIME, hard work, dedication, patience, and a hell of a lot of self-love."  The 23-year-old shares updates with her 114k followers on Instagram, hoping to remind people that sometimes healing is not just about changing a number on the scale but comes from within.