22-YO Cop Who Was Shot 8 Times Returns Home After 6 Months | “Impossible Is Being Made Possible”

22-YO Cop Who Was Shot 8 Times Returns Home After 6 Months | “Impossible Is Being Made Possible”

"He has been a miracle already and the progress he has made in three weeks alone is marvelous," his wife, Chelsea wrote in a statement in January 2022.

Tyler Moldovan, a Phoenix police officer, was shot eight times in December 2021 while conducting an investigation.

He came home on Thursday after being on life support for a month and spending many months at a rehabilitation clinic. Moldovan arrived at Deer Valley Airport at noon on Thursday, according to the Phoenix Police Department.

His wife Chelsea posted updates on Instagram throughout his rehabilitation. In her recent post she wrote, "129 days ago, we checked into our rehab program at Craig’s. Today, we leave with miraculous progress, amazing resources and an awesome set of new friends (our team and fellow families). May the Lord bless each person who has cared for us so wonderfully." 


Moldovan was shot and critically injured while answering a report concerning an erratic driver on December 14, 2021. The cop was transported to the hospital and placed on life support with a bleak prognosis. He overcame the odds, though, and was transferred from a hospital to a rehabilitation center in late January, per KTAR.

Essa Williams, a 24-year-old suspect, was apprehended. He was eventually charged with many counts, including attempted first-degree murder of a police officer.

Moldovan was allowed to walk outdoors three weeks after the incident to get some fresh air. His wife shared the incident on Instagram writing, "Only by God’s grace, Tyler went out in the sun today for the first time. God, You are so good! Jesus, You are our hope."



Chelsea begged for continuous prayers for her husband in January as he made improvements. She wrote, "We hold onto our faith that Tyler will continue to make progress. He has been a miracle already and the progress he has made in three weeks alone is marvelous; the impossible is being made possible." In the same post, she mentioned that Moldovan experienced "extensive neurologic injuries."

Days later, he demonstrated movement in all four limbs, and the couple learned within weeks that he would be released from the hospital to complete his recuperation at a rehab center. Moldovan was ultimately able to come home after months of recovery and treatment.



People gathered on the west side of Seventh Avenue, south of Deer Valley Road, to watch the ambulance as it approached the freeway. The family requested privacy so that Moldovan gets space and time to completely recover from his injuries. 

Anne Ender, president and founder of Operation Blue Ribbon told 12 News, "I don’t think we thought we were going to see this day so it’s a pleasure and an honor to be out here." David Margau, one of Moldovan's friends said, "This is a miracle from God. There’s no other explanation, there’s no denying it. He shouldn’t have been here, he got shot eight times, this is a miracle." 

Moldovan still is confined to a wheelchair for mobility but everyone is confident that he will completely recover. 







Cover Image Source: Instagram/Tyler Moldovan #11118