20 Snooty Classic Paintings Featuring Mr. Bean’s Face That Will Tickle All Your Funny Bones

20 Snooty Classic Paintings Featuring Mr. Bean’s Face That Will Tickle All Your Funny Bones

Artist and caricaturist Rodney Pike recreated several art pieces from history using Mr. Bean's face.

No matter how old you are, Mr. Bean is one of those characters that would make you laugh till your bellies hurt anytime. One artist who clearly understood the comical value of this character played by British actor, Rowan Atkinson decided to use it in a humorous and creative way. Artist and caricaturist Rodney Pike used his creative head to convert some great Renaissance paintings to something you have never seen before. He used his imagination and artistic abilities to recreate them with the face of your all-time favorite comedian, Mr. Bean. In addition to using Mr. Bean, he has also used the faces of several other celebrities and politicians. However, nothing can beat the clueless and puzzled expressions of the great actor Atkinson.

So, here are some of Pike's Mr. Bean artwork that might leave you wanting for more:

1. Did Mr. Bean ever contest for President?


2. Napoleon "Bean"oparte would never have imagined this 


3. Mr. Bean's face is a great fit anywhere


4. Oh NO, Mrs. Wicket is on her way!!


5.  Is someone taking Teddy away?! 


6. The prince who loves lollies


7. If Mr. Bean was the woman of your dreams


8. Mr. Bean in John Singer Sargent’s Madame X 


9. The only real royal


10. Can you think of another beautiful face?


11. John Singer Sargent’s Mrs. Frank Millet with a twist


12. Mr. Bean took over history


13. Da Vinci, you just found the most mysterious beauty of all times


14. The elite English guy


15. Hmm... nobody can beat that pose


16. She had a long day


17. The lonely Roman Bean


18. Ms. Bean is all ready for the ball


19. John Singer Sargent painted the great Lady Agnue Bean


20.  Wooo... too much beauty in one frame