20 Hilarious Tweets That Show REAL Struggles Every Parent Goes Through While Raising Kids

20 Hilarious Tweets That Show REAL Struggles Every Parent Goes Through While Raising Kids

Parental struggles are hilarious at times. Some took to Twitter to share those sweet and funny moments.

Our children are very dear to us. But, none of us can deny the trouble they make. Every morning, we wage a tiny war with these tiny tots. From refusing to eat breakfast, banging the door shut on our faces to leaving the house in a mess, they have the ability to get our BP up effortlessly. While we find joy and satisfaction in raising and loving them, we cannot deny there are times we complain about their behavior and find humor in their stupidity. We use every little trick available to make them do the things we want.

When some of us share these funny stories and incidents with our partners, others share it with friends and family. Here are few parents who decided to tweet these ridiculous happenings on social media:

1. The innovative eater


2. I am broke. But can I tell them that?


3. Why should kids have all the fun?


4. My child is bossier than I am


5. Kids are very good observers 


6. We were a little late


7. My child is too weird. Is she becoming me?


8. Whose death is more important than that game?


9. A peaceful house is nothing but an unrealistic dream


10. I thought they knew it


11. Gordon Ramsay in the house!


12. I wonder how their likes change in a second


13. Spotless house, that's never going to happen!


14. And you thought this conversation would happen 10 years from now



15. How does "no" wound like "yes"?


16. My kids influence me


17. I am their 24-hour watchman


18. I cannot predict their next move


19. I taught them manners but seems like it has not worked out that well


20. I am drained out but the screaming never dies