20 Hilarious Grandparent Texts That Will Remind You Of The Funniest Things They Say & How Adorable They Are

20 Hilarious Grandparent Texts That Will Remind You Of The Funniest Things They Say & How Adorable They Are

Grandparents want to be tech-savvy like their children and grandchildren. But sometimes, technology is not on their side.

Our grandparents did not grow up with fancy phones and social media. For them, the idea of texting and tweeting is so unknown that they often ask their grandchildren and children for advice. Once hooked on to these devices, they enjoy enquiring about their kids by sending messages from time to time. Though they might be genuine concerns, it might seem funny when they use the wrong emojis. It is even funnier when they misunderstand the short forms and sends the wrong texts to the wrong people.

Such texts from grandparents are always entertainment for everyone in the family. Some decided to share these jokes on social media. After all, it is not wrong to share the joy of laughter even if it is at the expense of your grandparents. Here are some of them: 

1. Your grandmother just wants you to find a partner, alright


2.  Awww... Aren't grandmas just the cutest?


3. I am trying to learn this new language 


4. Don't know if I can come for that, Grammy. Can I just eat it instead? 


5. Thank you for rejoicing in my sorrow


6. My grandfather thinks you can talk to yourself on texts


7. She will not agree it's not her husband on the other side 


8. You better say yes to what I like...


9. I am my grandfather's Google 


10. Grandma, Pop is the new thing


11. Savage grandma in the house!


12. Was that really a doubt?


13. Sometimes, she likes to trick me


14. Are you even grandparent-grandchild if you haven't had the emoji conversation?


15. Practice for perfection is what my grandma follows


16. When Grandpa lets you know his progress


17.  She just wants to let me know everything


18. Clearly, that didn't go very well! 


19. Guess she knows what I am really feeling


20.  Ummmm......