20 Funny Tweets Every Quarantine Couple Will Relate To

20 Funny Tweets Every Quarantine Couple Will Relate To

Couples are always learning new things about each other and quarantine seems to be doing just that.

Being at home with your partner all throughout the day due to the pandemic is challenging. However, it is also exciting as you learn new things about each other. You tend to notice their new habits and feel like you are rediscovering them after all these years together. Meanwhile, nobody can deny the uncalled drama that creeps into the house after seeing too much of each other.

While some couples are bottling up their thoughts, others are sharing it with on social media. Here are a few tweets that you will relate to if you are staying in quarantine with your partner. 

1. Texting is a better way to raise your complaint even if you are in the next room


2. Pranks are a newfound hobby


3. So tired of watching TV that sitting on the remote is a better idea


4. Realized he can chew people to death after 10 years of marriage


5. Kids are not always cute and nice


6. Complaining can get nasty over time


7. Quarantine has its perks, no doubts!


8. When you are at home, it's always "her way"


9. Think long enough if you want to be stuck in hell with the that one


10. What would we do without phones?


11. Rethinking life decisions


12. Thank God for my wife


13. My wife has magical powers


14. Too much entertainment has alerted my sleep muscles


15. Thought I found a way out


16. An award for this achievement


17. She sets the rules always


18. Boredom can make you do things you are incapable of


19. Not what I opted for


20. I picked the right one