2-YO Girl Swallowed Toilet Cleaner & Died Of Cardiac Arrest | The Color Of Her Puke Showed Something Was Wrong

2-YO Girl Swallowed Toilet Cleaner & Died Of Cardiac Arrest | The Color Of Her Puke Showed Something Was Wrong

Arietta-Grace Barnett passed away in 2019. Doctors thought she was getting better but she died within days.

Trigger Warning: The story has details of child death that readers may find disturbing

Children require a lot of attention and care. No matter how busy we are, we always need to keep an eye on them. One mother left her child unattended for a while and her life turned upside down. 

According to the BBC, two-year-old Arietta-Grace Barnett from Hampshire died of a cardiac arrest after she swallowed some toilet cleaner. The incident came to light after the little girl was taken to the hospital when she began vomiting a bright pink liquid in June 2019.

The medical experts looked into her condition and even claimed she was improving. Soon, they discharged her on 2 July, 2019. Despite the reassurance from the doctors, the girl passed away on 9 July, 2020. 


An investigation into the sudden death of the child revealed the causes behind the unfortunate tragedy. The girl was found to have swallowed a "Toilet Duck" capsule while her mother's attention was elsewhere. This capsule that is used to clean toilets gets stuck inside and releases a chemical cleaning agent every time the toilet is flushed.

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, who investigated the case, clarified that the vomit was pink due to the blue-green color of the capsule swallowed by the child. However, she stated that the case needed further investigation.


"The difficulty we have here is a connection between that product and what happened, and it seems to me that needs further investigation. It is designed to stick to a wet surface and not to be flushed through by water. If it does contain agents that can cause this sort of corrosion and this sort of death in a child then itโ€™s very important the manufacturer is aware of that, can investigate themselves, and steps can be taken to prevent this tragedy occurring again," said Rhodes-Kemp, according to The Guardian.

She further added, "Toilet bowls are readily accessible to small children, and these products are designed to be bright, pretty colors and attractive in smell, particularly to children." She also added that these products were not childproof as they claimed it to be.

"The child-proofing wasn't child proof because it had definitely been tampered with at the top and according to mum, that was done by one of the children. It was possible for this to be opened, that is an issue and will have implications to manufacturers and parents about how they keep this type of product," said Rhodes-Kemp, according to Sky News.


Meanwhile, Dr. Nicola Trevelyan from Southampton General Hospital where the young girl was admitted stated, "We couldn't make sense of why the vomit was bright pink." The doctor said she believed the toddler was showing signs of viral gastroenteritis. She recounted the kid could not take in food and fluids during her time at the hospital.

Simon Keys, a pediatric surgeon opined the death caused due to the toilet cleaner is one of a kind. "If this is what has happened to Arietta, this is the first time it has happened in the world," said Keys, according to Sky News.

He added, "If this is the explanation for the injury, it's the first time it's been described, it's a tragedy clearly, it has wide implications for everybody in the medical community treating people with this type of injury and for the people making these products. The outcome was totally unpredictable and I do not think we can say for certain that this product caused that injury."

Representational Image | Source: Getty Images (Photo by Inna Dodor)

A fundraiser was started by the toddler's aunt named Sian-Louise Barnett to help the family in need. "What you may not realise is that their pain is still on going- they now have to face the inquest into the circumstances around their daughters death and have to hear the reasons why the doctors in charge of her care acted the way they did. In order for them to make sure those in charge of Arietta-Graceโ€™s care answer the questions we all have and to ensure no question goes unanswered Lucy and Scott need to instruct a barrister to represent them," stated the GoFund Me page.