Dad Makes Heartbreaking Revelation After 18-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Boy Dies In Car Crash

Dad Makes Heartbreaking Revelation After 18-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Boy Dies In Car Crash

"Long will you be missed. You never failed to put smiles on all our faces."

Trigger warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of an accident that some readers may find distressing

A small red Toyota Yaris carrying three Domino's employees in Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast, Australia met with a tragic accident after crashing into a tree, at about 9.15 pm on Saturday. While two passengers managed to escape with minor injuries, 18-year-old Alex Edwards — who drove the vehicle — died at the scene, just five minutes away from his Domino's store. The teenage boy's father revealed that his son was just days away from quitting the job, as per Gold Coast Bulletin (GCB).



A woman living near the site of the accident said she heard someone, who she believed to be Alex's mother, screaming and crying beside the mangled car. She heard someone yelling "no, no, no" repeatedly. "There was a loud whirring as the boy's foot was still on the accelerator. I ran inside and called the ambulance and the driver was still alive at that stage," she added. One of the neighbors also reported that she had seen nine car crashes since living on the street. "We've had cars flip right outside our driveway and we even had a person crash through our fence," she noted.



A Domino's spokesperson stated that they were "deeply saddened" by the young employee's death. "Alex Edwards joined Domino's Mudgeeraba just over six months ago as a delivery driver and in that time earned the friendship and respect of his colleagues as a hard-working and valued member of our team," the spokesperson said.

When asked if the company will be assessing its driver training, the spokesperson responded, "Domino's has a comprehensive training and onboarding process, including on making safe deliveries, but we also recognize that training is only one form of the control measure. We have hundreds of team members out on the roads every single day making safe deliveries, and even one incident like this is one too many."

Getty Images | Thana Prasongsin
Getty Images | Thana Prasongsin


"Domino's will also provide the local police with all possible assistance with their investigation, and conduct a thorough internal investigation of our own. We would like to express our sincere condolences to Alex's family and friends and ask that their privacy is respected at this extremely difficult time," they added, reports the Daily Mail. The Queensland police still seem to be investigating the accident and gathering information. 



A makeshift memorial was made at the site of the fatal crash, where Alex's parents were seen reading cards kept in the honor of their son. His mother was seen crying, while sitting in the grass by the tree and reading a card that said, "Long will you be missed. You never failed to put smiles on all our faces." Alex's father expressed with agony, "We never expected anything like this to happen to our baby boy." 




Cover Image Source: Getty Images/ Augustas Cetkauskas / EyeEm