17-year-old Teenager Measuring 6ft 10in Sets New Record For The Longest Legs In The World

17-year-old Teenager Measuring 6ft 10in Sets New Record For The Longest Legs In The World

Maci Currin admitted that her long legs made it difficult to do daily activities such as getting into a car or buying clothes.

Having to deal with the stares and constant questions, people often prefer to maintain homogeneity. But some are courageous enough to take a varied route and make some exceptions. Meanwhile, there are others who are born with distinctive features. For them, avoiding attention is next to impossible.


A teenager from Texas has such a feature that sets her apart. Her long legs are unlike any you have ever seen. According to the Daily Mail, Maci Currin from Austin has the longest legs in the world. The 17-year-old is 6ft 10in and aspires to be a model someday.



She knocked out her competition, Russian basketball star Ekaterina Lisina with her left leg being more than 4ft 5in long. Her right leg is a fraction shorter. However, Maci did not think her long legs would make her eligible for the Guinness World Record. She reached that realization only after she was offered a pair of custom made leggings. While her unique physical feature has brought in fame, the teenager claimed that her long legs are not always an advantage to her.


She explained her long legs made it tough to manage some of her daily activities. "There are definitely negatives to having such long legs – hitting your head walking through doors, getting into cars, trying to find clothes that fit," said the girl. While she is aware of the drawbacks, Maci also knows it is imperative to accept yourself. The young girl also encouraged others to take pride in their attributes even if they seem different. "Don’t hide it, embrace it," stated the teenager.


Though Maci holds a record today, she was not born very tall. In fact, her height fell within the average bracket as a newborn, She measured 19 inches at the time of her birth. As she grew older, hints of her getting taller appeared. When she was just nine years old, Maci was 5ft 7in tall. Today, she has outgrown her mother Trish, who is about 5ft 7in. Her father Cameron is 6ft 5in and her brother Jacob is 6ft 3in.


Meanwhile, Maci is not yet the tallest in the world despite having the longest legs. She will be crowned the tallest if she manages to grow a few inches more. Sun Fang from China measuring 7ft 3in is currently the tallest woman in the world. The tallest woman ever measured was also from China. Zeng Jinlian who passed away in 1982 was 8ft 1in.