15 Celebrities Who Made A Complete Fool Of Themselves On Social Media

15 Celebrities Who Made A Complete Fool Of Themselves On Social Media

From making dumb statements to sharing their personal details, celebs have done some crazy things on the internet

No matter how much their PR teams try and ensure that their image is kept intact, celebs still seem to make big blunders on social media. Here are 20 such instances when a celebrity did or said something really stupid on a social media platform. 

1. When Kim Kardashian posted photos from her over-the-top getaway while the rest of the world was in quarantine. 



2. When Mia Farrow forgot to crop out this search bar

Screencapture / @miafarrow / Twitter

3. When Charlie Sheen accidentally tweeted his personal number

Screencapture / @charliesheen / Twitter

4. When Scott Disick copied and pasted the email from his PR without checking 

Screencapture / @letthelordbewithyou/ Instagram

5. When Naomi Campbell did the same thing 

Screencapture / @iamnaomicampbell / Instagram

6. When Rita Ora pretended that her account was hacked after she got fewer retweets

Screencapture / @ritaora / Twitter

7. When Lindsay Lohan tweeted at Barack Obama to lower taxes for millionaires

Screencapture / @lindsaylohan / Twitter

8. When Ted Cruz liked sex GIFs using his official account 

Screencapture / @tedcruz / Twitter

9. When Oprah tweeted without completing it 



10. When Martha Stewart did the same thing 



11. When Millie Bobbie Brown faked her skincare routine



12. When Madonna fell for a fake video 



13. When Julia Roberts fell for a hoax

Screencapture / waxpancake / Twitter

14. When Piers Morgan wrote a bizarre tribute of Larry King



15. When Vicki Gunvalson didn't notice her topless reflection in the picture 

Screencapture / @vickigunvalson / Instagram