15 People Share Their 'Anti-Bucket List' Of Things They Will Never Ever Do

15 People Share Their 'Anti-Bucket List' Of Things They Will Never Ever Do

Everyone battles their own fears and some of them opened up on the things that scared the daylights out of them.

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There are things that you should at least try once in your lifetime and then there are a lot of people who would rather be firmly prepared for what they would never want to try out in their lifetime. We’ve all heard of the “bucket list” but have you ever come across an anti-bucket list? A list that disapproves of all the likeability for any supposed thing, more like a statutory warning to never indulge in certain activities. You will be surprised to know that such a list exists with a huge support circle following the suit and listing their anti-bucket list on Reddit. Here are fifteen people who shared their bizarre yet widely relatable anti-list:


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1.      Joyrides in amusement parks
That stupid amusement park ride where you look like you're bungee jumping to your death. No, thank you. @Lulu_42
2.    Cave exploration
Spelunking! I'm so claustrophobic that even thinking about being in a tight cave gives me the chills. @nownowthethetalktalk
3.    Driving under the influence of alcohol
Drunk driving. I live in Wisconsin and the number of people who do it is astounding to me. @RufRufRufio
4.    Deep sea diving
I don't even like going in the ocean in general. I'm going into a strange place where there's all this stuff going on beneath me that I can barely see and don't really know anything about. No thank you. @sofingclever