15 People Share Adorable Stories From Their Childhood That'll Remind You Of The Fun We Had As Kids

15 People Share Adorable Stories From Their Childhood That'll Remind You Of The Fun We Had As Kids

Many people come together to share a myriad of memories from their childhood, recalling a more innocent and happy time.

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Childhood memories bring in a wave of emotions about the naïve self we were as kids. Reminiscing the old carefree days loaded with petty mischiefs and adventures reminds us of the countless questions young minds have and their urge to venture on brave quests without any fear of consequences. Revisiting childhood while rekindling with old buddies keeps the memories of fun days alive. Writer Olivia Cucinella shares how in her community people shared some of the funniest childhood stories as they remembered their childhood in their community meets shared by Bored Panda. Here are the fifteen people and their hilarious childhood anecdotes:


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1.   Could you use the washroom for me?
When I was little, my dad made me believe I could use the bathroom for him. Before going on trips or something, he would say, hey, I need to use the bathroom but I'm busy, can you go for me, after I would use the bathroom he would then say thank you, I'm feeling much better now.
2.   Morning breakfast with “shredded pancakes”
Growing up, the rule for Saturday mornings was that the first kid up was able to choose what our father made for breakfast. My little brother E (3 or 4yrs old) got up at like 7 AM and told my dad he wanted "treaded pancakes" or "shredded pancakes". My brother was still working on speaking clearly and was very upset that my father did not know what he meant. My father woke me up and asked me to translate. So I get up and ask my brother, who is almost in tears. "shtreaded pancakes!" he says. I look straight at my dad. "Waffles," I say, "The boy wants waffles."
3.   Blooming Rooster in the Zoo!
I was four or five years old, my grandpa took me to a zoo and I saw a peacock for the first time. My delighted exclamation: "Grandpa, look, a blooming rooster!"