15 Humorous Comic Strips That Every Couple Whose Been In A LONG Relationship Will Relate To

15 Humorous Comic Strips That Every Couple Whose Been In A LONG Relationship Will Relate To

Staying with your partner creates moments that evoke so many different emotions.

The bond you share with your partners is very special. Despite the arguments and misunderstandings, you are there for them at the end of the day. However, relationships go to another level when you start staying with them.

Sharing your space with someone else requires a lot of adjustments. But, when you are in love with them, you find a way to work through their annoyance. With most of you having experienced quarantine with your partner, you will know the craziness involved in going through the day. While it might be tiring at times, no one can deny the joy of having your loved ones around you. Waking up to them and knowing they are part of your life despite the differences you share is a beautiful feeling.

Moreover, you are used to their habits and banter. While you have scream your lungs out at each other on certain occasions, their absence makes you miss them. You realize it is all those fun moments that leave you satisfied and happy in life. 

Cartoonist Adrienne Hedger decided to translate some common household scenarios into comic strips. Most of these cartoons are based on her experiences and the ones she observed from her friends. So here are some of her creations that most of you will relate to: 

1. Sometimes they forget social distancing


2. They might be a little more efficient but admitting that in front of them is not wise


3. Cookies are Calories, they don't know that


4. A tour to a few public spaces is a common dream


5. The gift of love does not sound that exciting today. How about some real gifts?


6.  Not the same people and that is not a problem


7. Making sure to enjoy Mother's Day. "Get me my drinks"


8. They didn't see anything but we heard it all


9. Seen each other too much. This is the craziest plan we could come up with 


10. Not the same page yet part of the same book


11. Too special that it can never be remembered


12. A routine we never get tired of


13. Auto-pilot mode is most annoying 


14. When they know your bed is your first love


15. The list keeps getting longer. At least it's mutual!


These comics are just a few out of the numerous fun and annoying times one can share with their partner.