14YO Boy Turns Killer; Smothers His 7YO Niece To Death & Dumps Her In A Creek

14YO Boy Turns Killer; Smothers His 7YO Niece To Death & Dumps Her In A Creek

Ikranur was found in a creek 7km away from the family's home.

In a horrific incident, one boy smothered his young niece to death after she made him angry. According to The Sun, Ikranur went missing from her home in Bulancak, Turkey. It was shocking and everyone set out to find the 7-year-old. 

Authorities along with other volunteers from the area searched the region with the help of sniffer dogs, drones, and thermal cameras. Eventually, after the efforts of about 150 people, the girl's body was found in a creek about 7km from the family's home. An investigation into the case revealed some heartbreaking news. A teenager from the family was suspected to be behind the murder of the innocent girl. 

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The teenage boy told the officials that the little girl wound him up. He stated that she pulled his arm and hit him. Consequently, the furious boy decided to hit her back. The girl who was hit fell over and began to scream. Hoping to keep her from causing a commotion, the boy put his hand over her mouth just to stop her screams. However, it did not go as he planned. The girl suffocated and died.

The 14-year-old stated, "I closed her mouth to silence her so that no one could hear her. She died when she was out of breath." He further claimed that he told his sister about the incident. Instead of informing the adults, his sister decided to dump the child's body in the creek nearby. So, the teenager along with his sister carried the lifeless body of the child to the creek and disposed of it there. 

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"I informed my sister about what happened. We carried the dead body and threw it into the creek," confessed the boy. Based on the boy's statements, the police arrested his sister that is the aunt of the deceased girl.

The sister had posted on social media after the body of the child was recovered. She stated that the death of her little niece shattered her. Moreover, she added that she loved her very much and would "never forget her." 

On the other hand, Bulancak Chief Public Prosecutor's Office has demanded the arrest of the teenage boy. He will be charged for "deliberate killing" and "destroying, changing or hiding criminal evidence".

Meanwhile, the authorities are conducting an autopsy to determine if the child was still alive when was thrown into the creek. 


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