12-Year-Old Only Person To Survive Crash That Kills Both Her Elder Brothers And Her Sister

12-Year-Old Only Person To Survive Crash That Kills Both Her Elder Brothers And Her Sister

Michelle Kiev, 12, the only survivor of a crash that killed her siblings, expresses how scared she was during the incident.

Michelle Khiev from Atlantic City escaped a dangerous crash that killed her 3 siblings on the Atlantic City Expressway, reports PEOPLE. Michelle was traveling with her elder brothers Tonny, 31, and Johnny, 27, and her 14-year-old sister Keo, when their vehicle crashed into a toll booth. The vehicle was "fully engulfed in flames" after hitting the booth according to State police. Michelle talked to the KYW-TV, "I was just scared and scared for everyone in the car," explaining how she felt during the accident. Michelle stated that as the fire broke out, she "opened the door and went out," getting more concerned and scared for her siblings.



Khiev wanted to turn back and go to the burning vehicle to rescue her sister and brothers from the horrific sight. However, she was saved by Wil Del Valle, a local pastor who was witnessing the incident. He stopped her from going back to the burning car.

In a GoFundMe campaign set-up for her family, she shared a moving message, "I am safe. But I wish I could say the same about my brothers and sister." She added, "I love and miss Tonny, Johnny, and Keo so much." She also thanked Pastor Valle for saving her life and stopping her from going back to the site of the accident. She writes, "Thank you to Pastor Wil for helping me and keeping me from running back to the car to save my sister Keo."




The Pastor, after receiving permission from the Khiev family, shared his account of the incident. The pastor stated that he and his wife were going back home when they saw that a fire has broken out near one of the toll booths. "We got to the toll booth to pay and I asked 'Hey is everyone okay?' The toll collector kept saying 'Oh my god, oh my god, I don't know a car just hit the toll booth.'" He called 911 and then saw Michelle walking away from the burning car. He added, "When we tried to get her to walk but she continued to stumble so I picked her up into my arms and ran to the toll booth offices. I kept saying 'It's okay' and she continued to repeat 'No it's not, my brothers and sister are in the car.'" He added talking about Michelle, "She wanted them out of the car but she did all she could." 

According to family friend Jimmy Giang, the brothers, who worked as in-home caregivers for persons with disability, had gone home to Atlantic City to surprise their younger sisters for Christmas. "Unfortunately, it was their best and last Christmas as a family," the GoFundMe page stated.





Cover Image Source: GoFundMe | The Khiev Family Funeral Expenses