Kind 11-YO Girl Turns 'Genie' For Residents At Nursing Home, Offers 3 Wishes And Grants Them All

Kind 11-YO Girl Turns 'Genie' For Residents At Nursing Home, Offers 3 Wishes And Grants Them All

She thought they would ask for fancy cars or money, but it was just simple things that brought big joy to them

An 11-year-old with a heart of gold was able to spread happiness at a nursing home in northwest Arkansas. Young Ruby Chitsey liked tagging along with her mother, Amanda as she used to visit different nursing homes in the area. And one of those visits led to Ruby being the kind hero of a powerful story.


Being a nurse, Amanda has been visiting five nursing homes regularly for the past 23 years and helping out the residents there. And the residents would love it when Ruby would come along with her.

"These patients are allotted $40 cash/month for "extras" - anything not covered under room and board. A haircut is “extra.” Taking care of your dog is "extra." If they don’t have family that can cover the gaps, they go without. Ruby Kate is here to tell you that these things are not 'extra'," Amanda on her GoFundMe page.

For Ruby, she knew that these 'extra' things were the simple joys that everyone loves and needs.  “These extras are the things that make life sweeter,” said Ruby.


When Ruby understood that most of the residents couldn't afford these little things, she was curious to know what they are really missing in their lives. So she went around with a notepad and asked, “if I could bring you 3 things in the whole world, what would those be?” And that's how her 'Three wishes' project came into being.

"I was very surprised. I thought people would say money, houses, a Lamborghini," said Ruby, according to CBS News. But she was pleasantly surprised when they just appreciated those little things that bring big joy to them.


"The first patient just looked at me and said 'I want some pants that fit.' I saw then that his pants were really tight around his big belly. He totally needed pants," they shared on GoFundMe. Soon, they were able to put a big and hearty smile on the resident's face; seeing her kindness would have meant the world to him.


She realized that the residents really didn't want anything fancy. They just asked for things like an electric razor, new shoes, a warmer blanket, Vienna sausage (which was a common request), Cheetos, new shoes and even McDonald's french fries.


Ruby was able to raise a great amount and it really made a huge difference to the lives of the residents. "With the new funds, we have planned a happiness event for every resident at select nursing homes. We are delivering huge layer cakes and their favorite fast food," wrote Amanda in an update. "We have supplied 'haircut' coupons so needy patients no longer go without a haircut bc they can’t afford it. We plan to adopt a facility cat to make up for the loss of pets so many of these residents have experienced. We also are putting in a private resident phone this week, no more waiting to use the facility phone to call your loved one."


The residents are immensely grateful for how thoughtful the 11-year-old has been. "Ruby’s residents have cried tears of joy. The staff has cried some, too. The residents are so happy," wrote Amanda. And as for Ruby, her mother says that she's never seen her smile so wide before. She wrote, "She is thrilled every time someone sends her a thank you note or a word of praise. She has read every one out loud to mom or dad."

"It really lifts you, it really does," said kind-hearted Ruby.

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