103-YO Man Survives Deadly Virus & Breaks Guinness World Record With His 14,000-Foot Jump Out Of An Airplane

103-YO Man Survives Deadly Virus & Breaks Guinness World Record With His 14,000-Foot Jump Out Of An Airplane

Al Blaschke went skydiving when he turned 100-years-old. This time he was accompanied by his grandchildren.

When we think of elderly people, adventure is not a word that we associate with them. However, one man's act will make us question our popular beliefs. The centenarian just showed the world that age is just a number and that it should never stop you from dreaming bigger.

According to ABC News, Al Blaschke from central Texas became the oldest person to the world to do a tandem jump out of an airplane at the age of 103.


"I never thought I would be around this long," said the man, who survived the Great Depression, the Spanish flu, and even the recent pandemic, according to ABC News. However, the jump was not ordinary, Blaschke broke his own Guinness World Records by attempting a 14,000-foot jump. 

Blaschke first skydived when he turned 100 years old. Looking back, he said he was motivated by a friend. When he first heard it, Blaschke told his friend that the idea can wait till he turned 100. As planned, he celebrated his 100th birthday by skydiving for the first time.

"He came in and we saw that, amazingly, he was in great shape for a 100-year-old," said Wendy Faulkner, an instructor at Skydive Temple in Saledo, Texas who helped him for his 1st jump, according to ABC News.


However, Blaschke stated that the recent jump was much different than his last one. "Oh yes, this was altogether way different than my first jump. This was a real jump," replied the energetic man, according to KVUE.

This time, the elderly man was accompanied by his grandsons, Jason Blaschke and Kevin Blaschke. They stated that being first-timers, the experience was nerve-wracking. However, they were glad to make their first jump with their grandfather.

Speaking of their experience, Kevin stated, "It was awesome to be able to jump out of an airplane with my grandpa." He added, "Him breaking the world record is the icing on the cake," according to ABC News.


Apart from the fears of jumping for the first time, they stated that it was even more never wrecking to give interviews before the jump. "I don't think I thought there would be this many people here for us. But there's a world record involved, so it makes sense, definitely," said Kevin, according to KVUE.

Before the jump, Blaschke shared his excitement of doing the adventurous act the second time. One of the reporters told him, "you will become the oldest person ever to do this." The elderly man immediately replied, "Oh yes, yes, yes." He went on to say that he never thought he would be around to jump with his grandsons. He added, "I'm excited to see my grandsons up there – that's what I'm excited about. That's my dream." 

Additionally, he stated that he would never jump just for the sake of it. He claimed that he was jumping to celebrate his grandson's milestones of graduating from college. Jason graduated from A&M and Kevin from UT. "I will not jump just to jump. I jump to celebrate something. I celebrated my 100th birthday and now I'm celebrating my grandson's graduation from college," said the elderly man.


Blaschke's decision to do such an adventurous thing may sound dangerous to many of us but his family was fully supportive of the idea. They were motivated by the enthusiasm and the confidence he had. "Yeah, when you say I'm going to jump at 103 and you've already jumped at 100, why not?" said his son, David Blaschke.

Blaschke's courage and spirit for adventure are surely out of the world. He is an inspiration to everyone.