10YO Girl Accused of Fatally Shooting Woman Fighting With her Mom: 'She Shouldn't Have Hit My Momma'

10YO Girl Accused of Fatally Shooting Woman Fighting With her Mom: 'She Shouldn't Have Hit My Momma'

The girl's lawyers requested for her to be allowed to wear a GPS ankle bracelet but her Dad's request was denied.

Trigger warning: This story contains themes of gun violence that some readers may find distressing

A 10-year-old Orlando girl appeared before a judge in juvenile court on Wednesday to face a charge of second-degree murder after she allegedly shot and killed a woman who got into a fight with her mom, according to CNN. Witnesses told police that the shooting occurred on the night of May 30, when the child's mother and the victim, Lashun Denise Rodgers, 41, began arguing outside an apartment complex, according to the arrest report. The child was with the mother during the argument. The mother allegedly initiated a physical altercation by punching Rodgers, who retaliated by punching her back, the arrest report says, citing Rodgers' boyfriend as one witness.


The boyfriend told authorities that he attempted to break up the fight but the victim tried to "re-engage" with the mother, according to the report. He then allegedly saw the child holding a black firearm before firing "one to two shots" at Rodgers. The child then yelled, "She shouldn't have hit my momma," the boyfriend told the police.



Rodgers was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center where she later died, according to police spokesperson Heidi Rodriguez. The girl's mother was taken into custody and the child was placed in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families, said the police. In a statement following the shooting, State Attorney for Orange and Osceola Counties Monique H. Worrell said her office has begun reviewing the case and will "consider all of the facts, including the age of the child, and all of the surrounding circumstances when making a charging decision." Police said the investigation is ongoing with the next hearing set for June 28. The child will reportedly remain in juvenile detention, despite her father requesting the judge to release her. "I am going to do everything in my power to make sure my daughter gets all the help she needs," Dewan Dennis told the judge in his plea to allow his daughter to stay at his home, reported FOX35.


The girl's lawyers asked that she be allowed to wear a GPS ankle bracelet so she could be monitored, rather than be locked up indefinitely. "She will be monitored 24/7. I understand the seriousness of the offense, but it was the adult that brought the gun," said her attorney. Prosecutors contend the child is considered a threat to the public. "While I understand her age is a component, we have to look at the nature of the offense and the charges that have been alleged and the facts that have been alleged for the community’s safety," said Shannon Corack, the prosecutor. The judge has decided she will stay at the Juvenile Detention Center. Prosecutors said the child can get the help she needs there. "Services can be put in place. They have even volunteers that can come and mentor the kids in JDC," added Corack.


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