10 Reasons Why The Man You're In Love With Is Not Ready To Commit

10 Reasons Why The Man You're In Love With Is Not Ready To Commit

You might be in so much love that you want to proceed to the next stage in your relationship but what is stopping your partner from committing to a life with you?

You are head over heels for this man. You have never seen anybody like him. He makes you feel like a queen and adores you. There is something about him that you cannot think of anybody else. You hope to be around him every time and wants to move further in your relationship but that's not happening. The man you love does not want to commit to you. While you are annoyed and wondering why this happening, there might be a couple of reasons for him to act that way.

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Here are a few reasons why men hesitate to commit themselves:

1. He likes being single

The flexibility and freedom enjoyed by a single man are of course different from someone in a relationship. If a man does not want to get into a committed relationship it may mean that he still enjoys being the single man who can make a flirtatious comment or give away a smile that would attract the ladies. However, he would still be open to taking you out on exclusive dates and would rarely say no to physical intimacy. He might be a person who prefers to enjoy the eternal bachelor lifestyle and so may not be interested in upgrading his relationship with you into a committed one. 

2. You are not the only one

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It may be possible that you are not the only one he is dating. If you feel that he is sketchy and does not give away accurate details of the days you were not around, he might be one of those people with numerous dating partners. It may also turn out that he loves you but is not yet ready to be only yours.

3. He just loves falling in love 

Falling in love is thrilling and exciting. First kiss, first date, all of it are joyous times that can sometimes be addictive. You might be with a man who enjoys meeting new people and falling in love but having passed that stage, he might not be ready to get into a deeper, meaningful relationship. He might just be a man of many short romantic relationships. 

4. He is not over his ex

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It is difficult for a man to admit that he still misses his ex or that he is not over their relationship. Your relationship with him might have made him realize how much he still cared and loved his ex. He might not be able to commit to you nor accept what's going on with him. If you find him still keeping her pictures on his phone or going through her profile on social media quite often, it is a clear signal for you to move on.

5. He is just about the action

If you find that the man you are dating seems very uninterested in conversation and is concerned only about physical intimacy, you know what he is looking for. These kinds of men are all about fun and nowhere close to a commitment. While you might see the physical relationship as an exchange of emotions and a way to connect, he might just be there for the action.

6. He had a bad past 

Our past can sometimes hold ourselves from the present and even the future. You might be with a man who had an awful experience in the past that has stopped him from being in another relationship. He might have had a bad breakup and might have had to spend months consoling himself and getting past the phase.

7. He wants to establish himself

The man you love might want to commit to you only after establishing himself professionally and financially. He believes money is very important and wants to do his best to sort it out before starting something serious. Talking to him openly will help sort these kinds of problems.

8. He feels pressured

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It might be possible that your need to proceed into a serious relationship put your partner into a lot of pressure. It is a good idea to examine if you are guilty of pushing him to say yes to your needs. If so it might have backfired, making him want to move further away from you. 

9. He's just not into you

Sometimes guys just continue dating even after feeling that you are not "the one". Knowing it deep down, he might be in search of the one he truly wants even while spending all the time with you. If that is the case, it is better to move on than pushing for commitment.

10. He's not ready to take responsibility

Allowing yourself into a genuine commitment can be a serious step. The partners have equal say in making small or big decisions. Your partner may not be ready for it. He might not want to take up the decision making the role and the responsibilities that come with it.