7 December, 2021

Pink Makes One Of Her Dying Fans' Biggest Wishes Come True. She Has Just A Month To Live And Pink Made It Special.

sethuraman s

Don't Let Your Kids Hurt Or Mistreat Pets. It's Dangerous To Both Of Them

Woman With The Biggest Lips In The World Will Get Her 27th Filler Injection On Christmas To Make It Even Bigger

Man Invites 89-Year-Old Neighbor To Live With Him So She Isn't Alone In Her Final Days

Catcalling And Pestering Women In Streets To Become A Criminal Offense

Zach Galifianakis Pays Rent For A Homeless Woman And Even Takes Her To His Movie Premieres

Woman Cuts Off Cheating Ex's Penis And Testicles, Flushes Them: "If I Can't Have It, No One Else Can"


30 November, 2021

14-Year-Old Boy Charged With Murder Of 12-Year-Old Girl: "She Was So Loving And Caring"

Jisha Joseph

11-Year-Old Girl Fighting For Her Life On A Ventilator After A Vehicle Plowed Into Her At Christmas Parade

John Travolta Has Emotional Thanksgiving With Children, The First Time Without His Wife Kelly Preston

Woman Considered To Be World's Oldest Living Person Dies At 124: "Our Inspiration And Pride"

Woman Left Devastated After No One Showed Up To Her "Friendsgiving" | They Stopped Responding To Her Texts That Day

Mom Proudly Teaches Her Daughters That "There Is No Such Thing As Virginity"

It's Been 30 Years Since Freddie Mercury Died. He Knew He Was Dying, But He Never Stopped Living.


26 November, 2021

Woman Fired For Being Pregnant Fights Back And Wins $30,000 Settlement

Shilpa Das Gupta

Girl, 16, Beats Father To Death After He Repeatedly Hit Her Mother

Bride, Who Received Life-Saving Organ Transplant, Asks Donor's Dad To Walk Her Down The Aisle

Denzel Washington "Never Shed A Tear" For His Father When He Died, Not Even At His Funeral

Grandmothers May Feel Closer To Their Grandchildren Than Their Own Kids, Reveals Study

Dwayne Johnson Gifts Veteran His 'Personal Custom Truck' As Holiday Surprise In Heartfelt Gesture

Santa Gets A Boyfriend In New Christmas Ad And It's Winning Hearts All Over the World