16 November, 2019

Snooty MIL Invites 80 Extra Guests Without Asking | Bride Cancels The Entire Wedding And Ties The Knot In A Park

Ankita Mishra

Man Who Thought He'll Never See His Family Again Collapses To The Floor After Seeing Them For The First Time In Years

California School Shooting: Armed Teen Opens Fire On Fellow Students On His Birthday, Killing Two And Injuring Three

Cop Running A Marathon To Propose To His Girlfriend At Finish Line Stops Abruptly For Another Woman

Lauren and Josiah Duggar Welcome Their "Beautiful Miracle" Baby After Enduring The Emotional Pain Of Miscarriage

Mom Instinctively Identifies Stranger Who Received Her Late Son's Heart, Hugs Him to Feel Her Son's Heartbeat One More Time

The Much-Awaited "Friends" Reunion Might FINALLY Happen, 25 Years After The Show's Debut In 1994


13 November, 2019

"The Sorrow Refined Me": Matthew McConaughey Admits He Never Looked At Life The Same After His Father's Sudden Death

Varsha B

David Beckham Loves Nothing More Than His Wife And Children | "We Stay Together Because We Love Each Other"

Father Shares 5 Wonderful Things Husbands Can Do For Their Wives After Emotionally And Physically Challenging Childbirth

After A Painful Separation, Shakira Felt "The Sun Come Out" When She Fell In Love With A Much Younger Gerard Piqué

5 Simple Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Give Your Family A Feast To Remember

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Grandma Who Still Models At 63 Says The Secret To Her Youthful Beauty Is 'In The Kitchen Cabinet', Embracing Her Wrinkles, Grey Hair


12 November, 2019

Newborn About To Be Taken Off Life Support Opens His Eyes For FIRST Time As His Parents Say Their Final Goodbyes

Binitha Jacob

6 Ways Your Partner's Body Language Might Change When They're Cheating On You

Former President Jimmy Carter Hospitalized For Brain Surgery

Bon Jovi's Foundation Donated Half A MILLION Dollars To Ensure Homeless Veterans Had A Place They Can Call Home

Insensitive Teens Dress As Homeless People For Halloween, Local Shelter Offers To Show Them What Homelessness Actually Looks Like

Charlize Theron's Mother Saved Her From An Abusive Father And Helped Her Pull Through Childhood Trauma With Strong Support

Father Explains To 24-YO Daughter WHY She Needs To Lose Weight If She Wants A Boyfriend. Was This Dad Right Or Wrong?