22 January, 2021

Police Officers Snatch 8-MO Baby From Breastfeeding Mother; Parents Don't Even Know The Kid's Whereabouts

Varsha B

Ted Danson's Wife Mary Steenburgen "Would Sign Up For 100 More Lifetimes" With Him Even After 25 Years Of Marriage

Autistic Boy Killed By Cops In Front Of Parents After They Took Turns To Sit On Him For 9 Minutes

84-YO Man With Cancer Marries His High School Sweetheart After 65 Years | "She Had Taken My Heart Back Again.”

Heartless Mom Abandons 8-YO Because He Was Too Naughty To Handle

Meghan Markle's Father Set To Spill Secrets In A Tell-All Documentary About Their Lives

98-YO Mom Shifts To The Same Care Home As Her 80-YO Son Just To Take Care Of Him


20 January, 2021

Five Things To Keep In Mind While Ending A Toxic Friendship

Vanessa Bryant Reveals Her Reason To Live On, A Year After Kobe Bryant & Gianna's Tragic Death

Murderous Husband Super Glues Wife's Skull Together To Make Her Death Look Like An Accident

Stepmother Divorces Husband & Marries Stepson After Having An Affair With Him | They Have A Child Together

Dying Father Fights Death Just Enough To Meet His Daughter Once

Stepdad Refuses To Allow His Wife To Meet Her Daughter And Grandchild, Is It Cruel?

Covid Positive Pregnant Woman Dies In Pain After Being Turned Away From 3 Hospitals


19 January, 2021

Teenager Beats Helpless 91-year-old WWII Veteran To Death & Sets His House On Fire

Varsha B

Daughter Katie Rushed To David Cassidy's Side On His Deathbed Despite Him Saying "I Wasn’t Her Father."

Parents Wanted To "Get Rid Of The Infant," Father Shoots And Buries Daughter In Snow

Pregnant Mother Dies Just Days Before Christmas, The Unbearable Pain Still Lingers

5 Ways In Which People Poison Their Own Relationships

Car Thief Steals Car With A Child In It, Returns To Lecture The Mother For Poor Parenting

8 YO Slept Next To His Pregnant Mother For Hours Without Realizing She Had Long Been Murdered