26 July, 2021

Alabama Mom Loses Her 28-Year-Old Son To COVID-19. Not Getting The Vaccine Is Her Biggest Regret

Shruti Menon

Gay Single Dad Adopts Boy From Cambodian Orphanage, 21 Years Later His Son Is At The Olympics

Kind Man Gives Up First-Class Seat So 88-Year-Old Woman Can Fulfill Lifelong Dream

Pink Offers To Pay Fine For Women's Beach Handball Team Fined For Wearing Shorts Instead Of Bikini Bottoms

Mom Arrested For Allegedly Using Stun Gun To Wake Son Up For Easter Church Service

Terrifying Video Shows 6-Year-Old Girl Dragged Over 1,000 Feet By Careless School Bus Driver

Robin Williams Would've Turned 70 This Year, Fans Say Losing Him Was Hardest Celebrity Death To Get Over


22 July, 2021

Girl, 18, Who Had Body Of 144-Yr-Old Due To "Benjamin Button Disease" Dies, Told Mom "You Have To Let Me Go"

Shruti Menon

Dolly Parton Recreates 1978 'Playboy' Cover For Husband’s Birthday: "He Still Thinks I’m A Hot Chick"

Heath Ledger's Daughter Is All Grown Up And Looks Just Like Her Father

Nurse Adopts Baby Who Didn't Have a Single Visitor For 5 Months: "I'm Going To Be Her Mother”

Dad Makes Teen Shave Her Head As Punishment For Pulling Wig Off Classmate Who Underwent Chemo

Teenager Walks In Front Of Train As He Wanted To Be With His Mom Who Was Murdered By His Own Dad

Al Roker And Wife Deborah Roberts Are All Smiles In Rare Intimate Photo


20 July, 2021

Prince Harry Writing Intimate Memoir: "I'm Writing This Not As The Prince I Was Born But As The Man I've Become"

Shruti Menon

The Unbearable Pain And Grief That Comes With The Loss Of Your Child Never Goes Away

Woman Turns A 110-Year-Old Dying Tree Into A Magical Free Library

This Man Sits On The Same Park Bench Every Day To Offer Florida Residents A Shoulder To Cry On

Mom Shamed For Admitting She Hates Pregnancy And Staying At Home With The Kids

Victoria's Secret Karen Chases After Black Woman, "Faints" When She Realizes She's Being Recorded

How To Put A Baby To Sleep In 30 Seconds, According To A Sleep Therapist