27 February, 2020

If You Are A Strong Woman But Your Relationship Makes You Doubt Your Self-Worth, You Need To Know These 5 Things

Varsha B

Sandra Bullock Reveals How Motherhood Changed Her Life | "When I First Held Him, I Realized What My Purpose In Life Was"

Tina Turner Endured Marital Abuse Helplessly & Felt Like Death Was Her "Only Way Out" For 16 Years Before She Decided To Leave

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Mom Who Waited 20 Years For A Child Forced To Pull 13-Week-Old Baby Off Life Support | Her Words Reveal Pain And How Fragile Life Is

Jennifer Lopez Lost Herself To Make Her Marriage With Marc Anthony Work | Now That She's Put Herself First, True Love Found Her

Grief-stricken Mother Who Lost Son Reveals Letters Of Those He Saved Helped Heal Her Emotional Scars


25 February, 2020

7 Ways A Mom's Love Is The Reason Why Your Kids Are The Way They Are

Binitha Jacob

Kirk Douglas Gives Most Of $61 Million Fortune To Charity & Not His Sons, Continues Philanthropic Legacy Even After Death

Mom Vanessa Bryant Feels "Lucky" To Have Had Daughter Gigi In Her Life For 13 Years & Will "Always Be Proud" of Her

Gwyneth Paltrow Felt She Had To "Prove My Specialness" Constantly To The Man She Once Called Her Husband

Mom Of 4, Who Lost Own Life Just Days After Giving Birth, Saves 12 Lives By Fulfilling Lifelong Dream Of Organ Donation

5 Signs You Are Dealing With a Toxic Friend

Brad Pitt Regrets How He Handled His Divorce From Jennifer Aniston & Wished He Did It "In A More Thoughtful Manner"


23 February, 2020

Eva Longoria Was "Devastated" And Left Questioning Her Own Worth After Her Ex-Husband Of 3 Years Cheated On Her

Varsha B

Mom Fought Death Just Long Enough To Marry Her Long Term Partner, & Dies 24 Hours Later Leaving Him With 7 Children

5 Weird Psychological Reasons Why You Can Find Someone Attractive

The One Day Princess Diana Described As “The Worst Day Of My Life” Was The Day She Said 'I Do'

6 Reasons Why A Strong Woman Will Keep Pushing On Even When She's Breaking Inside

Simon Cowell Tried To Silently Cope With His Mother's Death But Ended Up In Uncontrollable Tears Days After

Man Wants Fiancée to Kick Out Identical Twin As Maid Of Honor Because It Makes Him "Feel" He Is Marrying Twin As Well