30 July, 2021

Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals That Her Daughter Is Transgender & She's Going To Officiate Her Wedding

Shruti Menon

Bella Hadid Is The World's Most Beautiful Woman, According To Science

Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Biggest Regret From Marriage To Brad Pitt: "I Put His Needs Before Mine"

This Mom Has Been Living In The ICU For Days, Praying That Her Teen Daughter Survives COVID-19

Her Town Joked When 17-Yr-Old Alaskan Swimmer Trained With Whales. Now She's Won An Olympic Gold

Mom Explains Why "Kids Don't Owe Their Parents Anything" And A Lot Of People Agree

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Reveal That They Don't Bathe Themselves Or Their Kids Very Often


28 July, 2021

Teen Who Almost Lost His Mom To Cancer Invents Bra That Could Possibly Detect Breast Cancer Early

Shruti Menon

46-Year-Old Gymnast Gets Standing Ovation After Competing At Eighth And Final Olympics

Father Risks His Life And Runs Into A Burning House To Save Twin Daughters, Suffers Severe Burns

Woman Gets Shamed For Breastfeeding In Public, Doesn't Cover Up And Continues To Feed Like A Boss

U.S. Woman Soldier Sets New Shooting Record At Tokyo Olympics, Proves She's A True American Hero

Short Women And Tall Men Make The Happiest Couples, According To Study

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Get Steamy At The Beach On Her 52nd Birthday In Hot Pictures


26 July, 2021

Alabama Mom Loses Her 28-Year-Old Son To COVID-19. Not Getting The Vaccine Is Her Biggest Regret

Shruti Menon

Gay Single Dad Adopts Boy From Cambodian Orphanage, 21 Years Later His Son Is At The Olympics

Kind Man Gives Up First-Class Seat So 88-Year-Old Woman Can Fulfill Lifelong Dream

Pink Offers To Pay Fine For Women's Beach Handball Team Fined For Wearing Shorts Instead Of Bikini Bottoms

Mom Arrested For Allegedly Using Stun Gun To Wake Son Up For Easter Church Service

Stay-At-Home Moms Should Be Paid Over $184K A Year To Care For Their Kids, States Report

Kind-Hearted 13-Year-Old Traded His XBox And Did Yard Work To Buy His Mom A Car